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Boring Training Camp Set to End; Fans Rejoice

Maybe it was the fact I was neck deep in work both at home and the office but this training camp for college football has been rather boring. From the Tar Heel fan perspective there were no brewing personnel decisions to be made. That tends to be the case when the QB slot has been decided ahead of time. UNC returned 17 starters which left only a handful positions to be decided. So deep and abiding is this boredom that we are now getting stories about how UNC offensive coordinator John Shoop will coach from the both instead of the sideline as he did last season. Compelling stuff those coaching whereabouts during the game.

And it is not just the coverage of UNC that has been fairly slow. ACC Now had eight different posts on their blog pertaining to NCSU starting QB Russell Wilson. This is not a complaint about bias or even a gripe in general but eight different posts about one player? That is a sure sign of how desperate media and bloggers alike are for stories. At any rate it all comes to an end tonight when real football action will permeate out lives and give us a welcome distraction. That is until October when I will be sifting through hundreds of preseason basketball articles about the odds on favorite Tar Heels.