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Football Notes(8/7)

You probably noticed that the football coverage here at THF has been a little scarce. This is due in part to a hectic work schedule and the fact I wanted to finish the THF Countdown up. I also find preseason practice to be fairly mundane for the most part, especially with a team that has returned so many key players. Here are a few tidbits I thought were noteworthy.

  • Brooks Foster feels like he has something to prove.  The fifth year senior receiver is not content to settle for #3 on the depth chart and wants to be "the guy" among the receivers.  The desire is commendable and I do think with as much attention defenses are going to give Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate, Foster will find himself open in some key situations.
  • The running game is getting a lot of attention.  Greg Little appears ready to step up and be the #1 back but he will need a lot of help.  That might come in the form of sophomore Ryan Houston who is down to 241.  This has resulted in quicker, stronger Houston.  The two sophomores might be able to form a perfect combination in the backfield with Little being the quick finesse RB and Houston being the bruiser.
  • Butch Davis talked to 850 the Buzz about the upcoming season.
  • Speaking of coaches, Heather Dinich over at the ACC blog on ESPN ranked the coaches in the ACC.  David Cutcliffe is #4?  Really?  Dinich cites Cutcliffe's .603 winning percentage at Ole Miss as reason to rank the new Duke coach so high while ignoring coaches like Paul Johnson who had a .608 winning mark at Navy while using some of the worst recruiting classes in DI.  Heck Tom O'Brien did more with less at BC for years and dare I mention the fact that Butch Davis was 51-20 at Miami?  The main issue with Dinich and her analysis is show here.  It is wildly inconsistent and does not make logical sense based on the fact on hand.  The same was true of the stadium rankings she did and she ultimately did over because the consensus was she missed the mark badly.  I wonder if a 2nd edition of the coaches rankings is in the offing?