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Heels To Play Mock Game Saturday

Who or what they intend to mock is anyone's guess at this point.

UNC is set to open the season a week from Saturday against I-AA McNeese State and by way of final preparation it looks like Butch Davis wants to iron out the final kinks in a mock game.

"We're going to have about 90 plays scripted, and it's all going to be against our first opponent, and it will try to entail every conceivable kicking situation that could could up in the course of a ballgame, where players have to be alert on the sidelines,'' Davis said Thursday.

The coaches will divide the team into two squads — one on each sideline — and go through all of the game day operations with some coaches adjusting on the sidelines and some in the press box. One key difference from a real game, though: there will not be any full-speed live contact.

"It's something that we did last year, and I think it kind of helps, particularly when you have an inexperienced football team,'' Davis said. I guess it's maybe, kind of, somewhat the next best thing to an exhibition game in the NFL, a preseason game."

At this point, it appears Davis is still deciding on a handful of starting slots but the rest of the menu appears to be set, that is until someone gets injured and upsets the apple cart.

I will be working on my preview for the season this weekend once I have completely secured my house from Operation Wet Paint.  Until then allow me to point you over to Tar Heel Mania where Mike White has a bonanza of previews of the upcoming season.