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I Stand Corrected

Apparently Roy feels that Ty Lawson having been arrested and charged with underage drinking while the draft process was happening which subsequently led to a few teams including the Indiana Pacers going colder than Shammond Williams in a Final Four on him causing him to miss out on a huge pay day, withdraw from the draft, have to perform community service and end up in court is punishment enough.

Come to think of it, that is pretty rough. Via ACC Now:

If not for his June arrest for driving after consuming alcohol underage, North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson might be playing in the NBA.

Which is why, Lawson said Wednesday, coach Roy Williams told him there won’t be much more disciplinary action after the season starts.

“He said I probably was already punished enough by Larry Bird and them calling, Indiana … and not being able to go the the League and it affecting me,’’ Lawson said. “So I don’t think too many things [will happen]. Probably one sprint or a couple of sprints, but not too much, he said.”


Asked again through a team spokesman Wednesday night if Lawson would be disciplined, Williams said: "It's an internal matter. I will deal with it."

The arrest, though, came while the speedy guard was “testing the waters” of the NBA — working out for teams while trying to decide whether to return for his junior season.

Asked if his arrest played into his decision to return to school, Lawson said: “Yeah, I think so. Because Coach talked to Larry Bird and they were real high on me. … But they called and said they had a lot of problems with things like that … there were a couple people they named. But they called and said they just can’t take a chance. It probably affected it [my decision] a little bit.”

He said he wanted to go at least top 15; the Pacers had the 11th pick.

How frustrating was it?

“You live and you learn," he said. "You go through things. Maybe it happened for a reason. You can’t go back and think about it now. You can’t change things. So I’m just looking forward."

Indiana ended up taking Jerryd Bayless at #11 but Lawson would have been a good fit there too.  And if Indiana passed on him, there may have been others, Denver included who ended up trading their pick to Charlotte when Lawson was no longer in the draft.

I do like the attitude.  Lawson is choosing to look at it as a learning experience and surmise that there may have been a reason.  Looking forward is all you can do and doing something like blowing the doors off every PG in the country you go against on the way to a national title could possibly vault Lawson into the 2009 lottery with ease and make the wait worth it.

Side Note: If you did not have Lawson saying he had been told the punishment would be minimal, having Roy say, "It is an internal matter, I will deal with it" would scare the living crap out of me.