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Odds and Ends: Calm Before The Storm Edition

  • Andy Roddick's girlfriend, Brooklyn Decker has great taste when it comes to hats.
  • LSU has moved the kickoff with their game against Appalachain State to 10 AM CDT to get ahead of TS/Hurricane Gustav. Apparently the decision was made by former Duke and current LSU AD Joe Alleva. Just to be clear: Handling false rape allegations against lacrosse players? Sucks. Handling incoming natural disasters? Gold star. The upside for App fans is they now have a built in excuse for when reality strikes and they find playing LSU is 2-3 worlds away from playing Michigan.
  • UNC has decided to allow Antonio Pettigrew hang around as an assistant track coach despite his admission he used performance enhancing drugs during his racing days. Given the fact former Tar Heel Marion Jones was wrapped up in this business(though not while at UNC) I think the smarter decision would be to let Pettigrew go instead of invite the scrutiny. However, UNC is going the route of the 2nd chance here. I just hope it does not come back to bite them.
  • Bob Gibbons has ranked UNC's 2009 class #1 with Roy still trying to secure a commit from Ryan Kelly ranked #12 in the ESPNU 100. And we thought the 2006 class was something.