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Odds and Ends: Honey Do List Edition

I am currently executing projects on the honey do list which followed projects on the real job to do list which is to say blogging has been and will continue to be light for the next few days. Also, there really is not much going on. UNC has had a fairly uneventful training camp so far which is good. Stability of positions and few injuries is perfectly fine with me, even if it leaves me picking through the scraps to find something to write on like these stories here:

  • Article #75 on UNC needing/wanting to win all those close games they lost last season.  In case you are keeping track the predetermined media narrative for UNC football this season is: UNC is the dark horse to surprise people in the ACC possibly making the title game but they have to rebound from a 4-8 season which means winning all those games they pissed away at the last minute and did I mention they were 4-8 last season and Butch Davis got a raise for it? Everything you read from here on will stem from this premise.
  • Will Shaun Draughn be a surprise contributor at tailback? It would seem he is turning some heads in practice and might be part of the running back equation that hinges on Greg Little and Ryan Houston.  Draughn is another one of those players Davis converted from some other position on the field.  Davis apparently likes doing that or has some sort of skills enrichment program were everyone cross trains at other positions on the field.
  • Caulton Tudor says this is Davis' first season to begin to correct the missteps the program has taken over the last 10 years.  And shockingly Tudor is correct.  Last season was about acclimation but this one we should start seeing some signs of the performing at a higher level.  Tudor also mentions that Davis was an expensive hire because mentioning that UNC was 4-8 last season and that Davis makes a lot money is a requirement for every article written at the Charaleigh News and Observer Sports Department.
  • The Durham Herald Sun's Frank Dascenzo is hanging it up after 39 years of chasing ACC coaches around and generally giving you honest takes on area athletics.  Dascenzo decided that it was better to get in the lifeboat now since the newspaper industry aka the HMS Titantic has scraped the iceberg and is sinking faster than Clemson football in November.  The ChaRaleigh News and Observer, who combined sports operations has also shifted some folks around including putting Ken Tysiac(who is in Charlotte) on the NCSU beat and sending Chip Alexander to cover the Carolina Hurricanes.  Alexander undoubtedly is thrilled with the assignment.