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Odds and Ends: I Worked Way Too Much This Week Edition

Following up on the tidbits throughout the week.

  • Dwight Jones was cleared for play at UNC and plans to join the team ending a rather bizzare 18 months for him and a circuitious route to Chapel Hill that went through Valdosta, GA.  Cue the ABC Crowd with the chorus of UNC taking a player of questionable academic/character issue or even the standard "NCAA bows to UNC" theories.
  • You think that John Edwards affair story is bizarre?  How about the wild speculation that Eric Montross has been paying hush money in connection to it.  I am not buying it and honestly I don't really care.
  • Ken Tysiac of the Charlotte Observer wonders if UNC fans can put animosity aside to support Team USA basketball in Bejing with Mike Krzyzewski coaching.  I think Tysiac must be bored.
  • Mike Paulus is frustrated(registration required.)  Actually Paulus is showing some signs that he is definitely brother of Greg Paulus and whining a bit about the fact he was not given a chance to compete for the starting QB spot.  Tough luck Mikey.  Yates earned the right to be the starter by turning in a record season despite the complete absence of a running game and a bum shoulder.  So I understand that his college career has not unfolded the way he thought it would but I would point out that Paulus was the one out there after Bunting was fired trying to dictate the coaching search and guess what Butch Davis was the one he wanted.  So my advice to Paulus is to shut up, play football and have a talk with Quentin Thomas about what it means to be a team guy despite the general suckitude of your career because you never know when you will be all the team has left at a certain position.