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Raycom Releases ACC Basketball Schedule

Hat tip to SFN and I echo their thoughts: Did Raycom make a mistake releasing this before the ACC officially released the schedule? Anyway, for those of you in the Raycom broadcast area here are the UNC games:

WED Jan. 28 9:00 PM North Carolina at Florida State
TUE Feb. 3 8:00 PM Maryland at North Carolina
SAT Feb. 7 4:00 PM Virginia at North Carolina
WED Feb. 10 9:00 PM North Carolina at Duke
WED Feb. 18 8:00 PM (Split) NC State at North Carolina

The rest of the schedule is here. It is interesting that UNC only plays five times on Raycom which means the at least 10 of the Heels' ACC games will either be on Fox Sports ACC Sunday Night or ESPN. The 2nd Duke game (in Chapel Hill this season) usually ends up on CBS or at least it has the past few times. The first Duke game in Cameron will also be on ESPN but Raycom picks it up locally.

Also note that if it says "Split" that means those of you in Maryland and Virginia will probably be stuck watching someone else. My condolences on that.