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Remember This

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The next time the NCAA whines about the cost involved in putting proper flooring down for the NCAA Tournament or cannot possibly defend the abject stupidity of the officiating at any given point or is willing to flog another athlete for a minor benefit that hurts absolutely no one I want to you also remember that NCAA President Myles Brand is making almost a million dollars a year.

$935,000 to be exact and also has access to a million dollar per year charter service. According to the Indianopolis Star, Brand received a 4% raise and is one of eight NCAA employees that bring in over $275,000 annually. Nice work if you can get it I guess.

I understand he has a complex job but at the same time seeing the head of an tax exempt organization raking in that kind of money when they were unable to put a decent floor down during the NCAA opening rounds is a little ridiculous.

Hat tip: Wizard of Odds