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The Dwight Jones Saga

Dwight Jones, the four star receiver from Burlington(NC) Cummings who committed to UNC in 2007 has apparently had academic eligibility judged by the wrong standards. ACC Now, quoting IC, says Jones, who was part of the stellar 2007 class, was declared ineligible and since then went to Hargrave to improve his scores hoping for entry this fall. After Hargrave he was still ineligible for DI but cleared for DII so he went to Valdosta State where he is practicing.

Turns out Jones got caught up in a change of required core classes from 14 to 16 that was supposed to only count for the class of 2008 not 2007 which is when Jones graduated high school. Because Jones was trying to enter UNC in 2008 the new standard has apparently been applied to him when he should have been judged under the old standard.

Clear? Probably not and UNC is not in dire need of receiving help right now but 1-2 seasons from now this kid could certainly help out. Plus he is a North Carolina product and you always like to see those kids wearing Tar Heel blue.