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The Guy Selling Phil Ford's 2000 Final Four Ring Clearly Hates Tyler Hansbrough

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If you have $5000 you can buy a 2000 Final Four ring that apparently once belonged to Phil Ford off ebay. Ford was an assistant at UNC under Bill Guthridge, his last with the program before Hurricane Matt came in a fired everyone who ever worked for Dean Smith. Anyway, two curious lines from the decsription makes me wonder if the seller has been paying any attention to UNC basketball in the past three plus years:

Many consider Ford to be the greatest player ever at North Carolina (sorry MJ).

Many probably do and by the end of November they will be wrong statistically speaking when Tyler Hansbrough drops Ford down to #2 on the all time scoring list.

Ford, Jamison and Michael Jordan are the only Tar Heel players to win the John Wooden Award as the nation's top player. Carolina is the only school to have three different payers win the Wooden Award.

Then is it safe to assume UNC is also the only school to have four different players win the Wooden Award? Or as JP Giglio at ACC Now put it:

1) Does Tyler Hansbrough's Wooden Award make the ring valuable?

Probably. What I cannot imagine is paying any lofty price tag for what is essentially a consolation ring from a team that basically played one four game stretch of good basketball all season long.