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UNC Releases Depth Chart

Nothing that shocks the world unless you want to count Mike Paulus being slotted 3rd at QB. That's right, should TJ Yates' shoulder explode then Cam Sexton will be the guy. Could be worse...could be Joe Dailey. Given all the hype surrounding Paulus when he came in one has to think that perhaps his attitude is playing a part in his position on the chart or perhaps he is simply not as good as advertised. At any rate feel free to insert some sort of gratuitous jab as his brother here.

Jordan Hemby is presently being shown as one of the starting corners ahead of Charles Brown, who is nursing a gimpy ankle. Jay Wooten has won the kicker's job over Connor Barth's younger brother Casey. We will see how that goes and if the Heels decide to lose a few close ones over the kicking game.