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UNC's Wednesday Practice: Bowling?

Ah, team building.

From ACC Now:

North Carolina’s football team took a break from training camp Wednesday morning to try another form of competition: bowling.

The Tar Heels showed up for their scheduled 8 a.m. meeting to find out they were heading to Mardi Gras Bowling Center rather than the practice field — a way give the players a break from the grind while promoting team unity.

The result: a bevy of strikes, quite a few gutter balls, and a lot of chuckling.

We have nobody that’s going to threaten to be Dick Weber, but we had a great time,’’ said coach Butch Davis. “Guys were laughing, and at the end of it we had a competition, offense against the defense, the 10 best bowlers. It was a hard-fought match; the defense won 93-88.”

The best of the bunch, according to Davis: wide receivers Cooter Arnold and Brooks Foster, offensive Mike Dykes and linebacker Chase Rice.

The worst of the group: running back Greg Little, who scored roughly a 24.

Who is Dick Weber? That sounds like one of those names coaches drop and all the players, being 30 years younger, stare at him with that: "Who the heck is that?" look on their face.

And Greg Little had a 24?  Please tell me his skills as a RB are on the complete other end of the spectrum from his skills as a bowler.