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Weather Delay at Kenan[UPDATED]

UPDATE: UNC is not looking so great. It was 14-14 at half and the Heels offense has been suckity.

UPDATE: Play has resumed at Kenan and the Heels promptly give up a TD.

That was not the sort of lightning and thunder we were expecting. Heels are up 14-0 with 12:03 remaining in the 2nd quarter. It has basically been the Brandon Tate Show. Tate has an 82 yard punt return for at TD and popped off a 54 yard run to set the Heels up in the red zone and TJ Yates hit Brooks Foster for the 2nd TD. Then the weather got nasty so the delay is in effect until they do not see lightning for 30 mins. According the live blog at 850 the Buzz, an 8:45 restart is possible. I do know that here in North Raleigh, things are pretty rough at the moment.