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What We Learned Last Night

  • Wake Forest looked very, very good. Yes it was Baylor but the Deacs were on the road and near the end of the 1st half gave up a TD on a turnover to make it 17-6. WF rolled down the field executing the two minute offense to get a FG and stifle any hope Baylor had. Deacs end up winning 41-13 and serving notice on the rest of the ACC that they are not to be trifled with.
  • NC State has no offense. Well, actually they have no offensive line which has a way of ruining most offensive plays when defensive linemen are breaching the backfield with two seconds of the snap. Turns out that the ineffective play at the line was costly in the form of QB Russell Wilson having his neck turn the wrong way on a pass rush giving him a grade three concussion. NCSU had a nice little drive working when this happened. Wilson's injury and Daniel Evans inability to get anything going made for a long night on defense for the Pack who eventually could do nothing to stop SCAR in the 2nd half. That in itself was sad considering the Gamecock offense was almost as bad.
  • Can the Paul Johnson offense work at a major DI school? We really do not know since Georgia Tech did not use the option but a few times in drubbing Jacksonville State.
  • Miami went 52-7 on Charleston Southern and Randy Shannon immediately thanked his suspended players for screwing around prior to this game versus say Florida.