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ACC Football Week #1: Review

The ACC sucks with the exception of Wake Forest. Miami and Georgia Tech might not suck but they played lightweights and therefore feel the other side of the two edged sword you deal with playing I-AA schools. Maryland and UNC feel the opposite side of that sword because they struggled against the lower division. Clemson and Virginia Tech were handed opportunities to show up on the big stage versus legit opponents and promptly we their pants as did NC State. What happened in Charlottesville cannot even be discussed it was so bad. BC did beat Kent State...not sure what the exchange rate is on that one and I am not sure I am ready to live in a world where Duke wins games by 24 points.

Wake Forest 41 Baylor 13
Georgia Tech 41 Jax St. 14
Miami 52 Char. Southern 7
ECU 27 VT 22
USC 52 UVa 7
Maryland 14 Delaware 7
UNC 35 McNeese St. 27
Duke 31 JMU 7
BC 21 Kent St. 0
Alabama 34 Clemson 10

Record This Week and Season: 9-2