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ACC Football Week #2: Preview

With 20% less sucking than last week....we hope.

Georgia Tech at Boston College

The intriguing matchup here is between GT's Paul Johnson and BC offensive coordinator Steve Logan who are two of the more creative offensive minds out there.  GT did not do much with the option last week versus Jacksonville State because when you are crushing the life out of a I-AA team, there is no need to reveal much of your playbook.  BC shut Kent State out and still boasts a pretty stout defense which should be enough to contain GT and give their offense the opportunity to score.

BC 24 GT 17

Furman at Virginia Tech

Tyrod Taylor will shed the red shirt for this one as the Hokie QB platoom returns to try and revive the offense.  At any rate the special teams and defense will be too much for Furman despite any ineptitude by the offensive unit.

VT 34 Furman 6

Mississippi at #20 Wake Forest

This is our most desperate hour. Help us, Riley Skinner, you're our only hope.

Wake Forest 30 Old Miss 20

Citadel at Clemson

To the men of the Citadel.  May God have mercy on your soul.

Clemson 52 Citadel 10

Richmond at Virginia
Maryland at Middle Tennessee

With MD and UVa there is a halfway decent chance that (1) they will score fewer than 21 points each and (2) they will both only win with by one touchdown.

Virginia 21 Richmond 14
Maryland 20 Middle Tenn 13

Western Carolina at Florida State

FSU still has players suspended from last season not that they will need them to handle Western Carolina.  After a 7-6 season people are wondering if Bowden can still produce or if someone should put him out to pasture.  If they end up going 7-6 again I think we will begin to see a restless fan base start to question whether letting Bowden decide when he is done is a good idea or not.

FSU 38 WCU 13

Northwestern at Duke

Duke 2-0?  Surely you jest!  The chances are very good that Duke follows up their 31-7 win over James Madison by beating the only other team that have a win against in the past two plus seasons.  And should that happen it will mean absolutelty nothing given the quality(or lack thereof) of the competition.

Duke 23 Northwestern 21

William and Mary at NC State

With a tropical storm moving through the area, NCSU will find life with questional play on the offensive line, at QB and in the backfield even more difficult if that was even possible.  The scary aspect for NCSU is this is by no means a sure win.  Granted, the Pack should win this game however the bevy of struggles inflicting them gives W&M a ray of hope they can hang in there.  The margin of error is thin but NCSU should handle the Tribe on the basis of their defensive play.

NCSU 24 W&M 7

Miami at #5 Florida

There was a time, perhaps at the turn of the century, when this would have been a great game between a pair of top ten teams.   Now there is a chance Florida will do to Miami what Oklahoma did to them last season. It should be a spirited game given the rivarly nature of two in-state schools playing each other.  Beyond that Florida should control things fairly handily.  The upside for Miami is at least they get their starting QB back off suspension just in time to have his confidence crushed in his debut.

Florida 40 Miami 17

Record Last Week: 9-2
Record This Season: 9-2