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ACC Football Week #2: Review

Could it get worse than last week? Well yeah, actually it could.

If you are searching for one game or win that lifted the conference I suppose the Wake Forest nipping of Ole Miss qualifies though if we are frank about it, Old Miss is not that great of a team. Virginia, Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and NC State all went at it with I-AA teams which means there is nothing to boast about in them all winning unless you want to throw a party about the 69-0 thrashing FSU gave Western Carolina. On the other hand Maryland losing to Middle Tennessee by ten points no less really looks bad. Duke played Northwestern tough but came up short. So much for the 6-6 season people thought David Cutcliffe was going to pull out of his rear end. Miami actually did a decent job of playing great defense versus Florida but they the point were wholly unavailable for the offense and the Gator wore them out.

In actual ACC play, Georgia Tech put a shot across the bows of their Coastal Division mates by beating Boston College on the road. GT takes the early inside track on matters with plenty of season left to play.

As far my predictions went...I suck, possibly worse than the ACC does and that makes me sad.

GT 19 BC 16
VT 24 Furman 7
WF 30 Miss 28
Clemson 45 Citadel 17
UVa 16 Richmond 0
FSU 69 WCU 0
NCSU 34 W&M 24
NW 24 Duke 20
MSU 24 MD 14
UF 26 Miami 3

Record This Week: 7-3
Record For This Season: 16-5