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ACC Football Week #3: Preview

Games of interest for Tar Heel fans.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech

This game is huge in terms of Coastal Division reprecussions.  GT took the early inside track by beating Boston College last week.  Since those pesky head to head matchup could decide who goes to Tampa in December, winning this game could give GT a nice start at 2-0 in the ACC.  VT on the other hand would like to do more than tread water.  The Hokies have a deplorable offense but always sport the strong defensive and special teams play.  GT is one of a few ACC school(UNC included) that have something figured out on offense and the option scheme is fairly tough to adjust to for opposing defenses.  I am hard pressed to believe that VT is going to permit GT to walk out of Blacksburg with a win.

VT 16 GT 13

Virginia at UConn

Two more furture UNC opponents playing each other.  The Cavs have gone the past season plus with no discernible offense to speak of, except when they were drilling Miami in the Orange Bowl last year.  I have no idea what you make out of UConn beating Temple 12-9 in OT and Hofstra 35-3.  The gut feeling is this makes for an even matchup but we will probably end up hearing more out Peter Lalich than the game, especially is you read anything Heather Dinich writes.

UConn 20 UVa 10

Navy at Duke

In this alleged new era of Duke football, you would think they could win this one since Navy appears to have lost some luster with the departure of Paul Johnson.  Then again, I really had no idea.  I do know that if Duke loses, the talk about "nothing has changed" will start in earnest.  We can only hope so because getting lawyers to trash Duke in the courtroom is comedy gold.

Duke 24 Navy 17

NCSU at Clemson

Oh the humanity!

The Wolfpack is actually pretty good on defense and Russell Wilson returns at QB which might make this one a tad interesting to begin with but ultimately go down the same road the South Carolina game went.

Clemson 40 NCSU 10

#23 California at Maryland

Anyone thinking that MD is going to shock Cal like they did Rutgers last season should really just walk away from that line of thought right now.  MD has scored all of 28 points in two games against a I-AA school and Middle Tennessee.  Cal on the other hand just finished up dropping 66 on Washington State.  Yeah, this is not going to end well for the Terrapins.

Cal 38 MD13

Chattanooga at FSU

Wow...FSU really has some tough opposition lined up to start the season.

FSU 48 Chattanooga 14

Record Last Week: 7-3
Record So Far This Week:  1-0
Record This Season: 17-5