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ACC Football Week #4: Preview

Both divisions will begin to take shape by Sunday morning.

SC State at #23 Clemson

The Tigers get to whip another in-state cupcake as they continue to pull things together.  Clemson overmatches SC State in every way to this one should be over by halftime.

Clemson 45 SC State 7

Eastern Michigan at Maryland

Maryland has a tendency and that is to play at the level of the opposition.  This worked great last week in beating Cal but this week when facing a MAC team that simply is not very good, it is enough to make most Terrapin fans blanche.  So expect another inexplicably weak offensive effort against a team that has given up over 40 points two weeks in a row.

MD 17 EMU 7

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech

This is a dangerous game for the Yellow Jackets.  GT made plenty of mistakes in losing at Blacksburg last week and now host a MSU team capable of all sorts of shenanigans as seen in a 3-2 loss to Auburn.  GT would very much like to avoid 2-2 record after getting off to a 2-0 start.

GT 20 MSU 13

Central Florida at Boston College

Anyone care?  Anyone?  Bueller....Bueller....Bueller.

BC 21 UCF 17

#15 ECU at NC State

There is a high degree of possibility that parts of Carter Finley Stadium will be damaged should ECU win.  At least based the predilection of Pirate fans to celebrate like they just knocked off USC. In fact a co-worker told me that there have been only two times in his life he felt in danger attending an NC State game and that was when the Pack played ECU and SCAR.  Color me surprised.  As for the actual football, one question is whether NCSU can scored a touchdown on offense versus someone not in the other football division.  It has been since before the Pack was shutout by Maryland at the end of last season that they scored a touchdown on offense versus a I-A team.  They did score some against William and Mary so we know they know how.  I suppose it simply a matter of doing.  The question surrounding ECU is whether they are as good as we thought they were when they beat WVU given that WVU sucks as evidenced by Thursday night in Boulder, CO and the struggle at Tulane.  I cannot imagine ECU losing this game but I think I said the same thing last season.

ECU 24 NCSU 12

Miami at Texas A&M

Miami shocked a whole bunch of folks last season in whipping the Aggies at Coral Gables.  Miami stands a good chance to do the same this season since A&M has a new coach and lost to Arkansas State.  This time it will in no way be considered a shock should Miami win due in part to the general suckitude of the Aggie program.  Miami will use the opportunity to find some sort of offense that was non-existent versus Florida.

Miami 31 Texas A&M 17

#18 Wake Forest at #24 FSU

Wake will look to make it three in a row over FSU.  You can decide whether that says more about the success of Wake or the decline of FSU, probably a little of both.  This will actually be FSU's first real game of the season since crushing small kittens in the form of Western Carolina and Chattanooga cannot possibly count as real games. Wake has been tested with one tough game and brings probably the best QB in the ACC and definitely the best kicker.  FSU brings a player who should know better than to mouth off about winning to the media in Christian Ponder.  My take is the Demon Deacs are too consistent and less prone to stupid mistakes whereas FSU has nothing in the way of having actually been challenged so far this season.

Wake Forest 31 FSU 20

Virginia Tech at UNC

Pretty big freaking important game for UNC and the Coastal Division.  Time to set the world right in Chapel Hill.

UNC 27 Virginia Tech 17

Record Last Week: 6-1
Record This Season: 22-6