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ACC Football Week #5: Review

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I know nothing, but at least the reverse mojo worked for the Heels.

  • At this point we should start taking bets on which coach will be summarily dismissed first: Tommy Bowden or Al Groh.  I would put money on it being Al Groh simply because Clemson still has life in the Atlantic and UVa is horrid with no solution in sight.  Maryland is an enigma as far as I am concerned.  Can someone explain the loss to Middle Tennessee again?
  • The debate concerning who is the best team in NC now seems to be surrounding UNC and Duke?  Really?  A possibility considering Wake Forest lost to Navy, a team Duke had beaten two weeks ago.  The Blue Devils on the other hand moved to 3-1 in throttling UVa, as did UNC with their win on the road at Miami.  NCSU on the other hand failed to show up at home versus a ranked South Florida team.  Disappointing but not nearly as much as an ECU team, whose stock was being purchased as though they were an up and coming dot-com in 1999, only to find out there it was way overinflated.  UNC and Duke are presently the gold standard in football in the state which is really quite a shock.
  • Boston College has a complete cake walk outside the ACC, more so than FSU who at least bucked up and schedule a Colorado team they beat handily.
  • Congrats to Virgina Tech for going to Nebraska and representing the ACC.  Obviously this is not your Nebraska of old but they were 3-0 and the Hokies took care of business on the road.  Say what you want about the manner of VT's wins, they are getting it done, somehow, without a real passing game.  Similar to the way UNC seems to be managing business without a running game.
  • Worst. Predictions. Ever.

Duke 31 UVa 3
MD 20 # 20 Clemson 17
UNC 28 Miami 24
BC 42 RI 0
FSU 39 CU 21
Navy 24 #16 WF 17
#13 USF 41 NCSU 10
VT 35 Nebraska 30

Record This Week: 4-4
Record This Season: 32-12