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Additional Thoughts on UNC-Rutgers

Let's shake this tree a little bit more and see what drops.

  • Did anyone else notice how hard the defensive players were hitting last night?  It was pretty clear that UNC players were going to level the ball carrier at every opportunity.  Kendric Burney nearly knocked on receiver out and the Heels were playing some aggressive defense.  I like it and that sort of thing is evidence of good coaching and preparation.
  • Brandon Tate racked up another game of 200+ all purpose yards, his second of the season.  138 yards came as a receiver including a TD.  Tate also had a TD on an end around.  At present he is looking like the most dynamic player in the ACC with a real test of his effectiveness coming next weekend when the speical teams/defense oriented Hokies arrive in town.
  • The Heels are 2-0 for the first time since 2000.  That season UNC lost five of their next six games.  Let's hope we do not repeat that trend.
  • UNC made a uniform change last night and donned navy blue pants to go along with the road white jersey.  Butch Davis has been wearing navy blue UNC gear for awhile now and there was some conjecture last season that UNC would eventually opt for navy uniforms.  For some reason this ticks people off because some folks think if it is a dark blue of any sort it means Duke.  There is also a bit of resistance to not using Carolina blue.  I liked the uniform last night and I would not be surprised to see UNC break out a navy jersey when Notre Dame comes calling in October.  In football, the navy looks better.  If we ever see so much as a hint of navy on a basketball uniform, there will be rioting on Franklin St.
  • It is interesting to note that Heather Dinich at the ESPN ACC Blog all but ignored the Heels' win last night.  Dinich posted a small blurb in her "ACC in the morning" post about UNC breaking the road losing streak and pointed out the awesomeness of Brandon Tate.  Thanks Heather, we got that.  It was then decided that talking about UVa's Pete Lalich and his legal trouble was a more newsworthy item than the Heels' win.  We also got lots of previews for this weekend and a post announcing that Georgia Tech should be the favorite in the Coastal Division over Virginia Tech.  I am not sure about that but if you read the ESPN ACC Blog you quickly realized that Dinich is quite take with Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech.  She travelled there for the opener against Jacksonville St. and has posted numerous items on the Yellow Jackets over the past two weeks.  Something tells me that Dinich formerly being employed by the Baltimore Sun and Paul Johnson's last job being at Navy in Annapolis has something to do with her fawning over the Jackets.  Apparently to the point Dinich pays almost zero attention to a UNC win that was shown nationally by her employer.