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Beamer: UNC "Best Football Team We've Played"

Or will play....I guess. And hey Heather Dinich devoted a whole post to about that?

Yes, Georgia Tech was good, but Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said UNC will be better.

"I know we played Georgia Tech and East Carolina, we played Furman, but this is the best football team we've played," Beamer said.

That's high praise for a program that is 0-4 against the Hokies since Virginia Tech joined the league.

Much of that stems from the duo of Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate.

Tate had 219 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns last week at Rutgers, and leads the nation in that category with 308 yards per game. Astounding. He is second in punt returns (36.5), fifth in kickoff returns (38) and ninth in receiving yards (115.5).

Tate has been the Tar Heels' primary kickoff and punt return specialist since he was a true freshman in 2005, but coach Butch Davis said they needed more from him.

"He was kind of pigeon-holed and labeled at least perceptionally by fans and maybe media and maybe by his own teammates as you're just a return guy," Davis said. "Although he does that very, very well, he wanted more and we needed more from him than just that. We needed him to be ... a lot more productive as a receiver, a lot more productive as far as someone that could run the ball. I think he's grown into that role very well."

You ain't kidding Butch.  Gobbler Country asked me whether the breakout two games Brandon Tate was a surprise.  My response was that we knew he was great kick returner and a good receiver but had no idea he would turn into the triple threat he has been so far.  Putting him beside Nicks, who I do not think really has gotten cooking yet, you have an incrediblely potent offensive attack.  If Greg Little and Shaun Draghan can be halfway consistently running the ball, the Heels will be cooking with kerosene.

As for Beamer's high praise.  Beamer like Butch Davis is a master at coachspeak and always opts to talk an opponent up in the media.  ECU beat VT and then West Virginia which sorta makes them the better team on paper at the moment.  What Beamer is doing here is striking the proper tone to keep his team motivated and avoid the pitfall of giving UNC any bulletin board material in a game they will already be up for.

Apparently such thinking does not prevail in Tallahassee.