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Oh dear.

Bomani Jones at 850 the Buzz has reported on their blog that an MRI on TJ Yates injured ankle revealed a fracture and Yates himself text messaged a teammate saying he was done for the season.

UNC has offered nothing official on this latest news other than Deputy Director of Athletic Communications Kevin Best confirming to 850 that Yates did have an MRI but nothing beyond that. Earlier in the day, Butch Davis was in full stonewall mode when it came to Yates condition saying he was "receiving treatment." I speculated he may have been playing coy but if this report proves accurate he was really waiting to see what the MRI said. You might recall that during the game, X-rays were said to be negative but small fractures are sometimes only picked up by the more sensitive MRI.

Anyway, based on what we saw from Mike Paulus against VT, this would be a huge blow to a team that despite the loss, still had a chance at a very good season.