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Counterpoint: How Is This Supposed To Work?

Now you get to watch me argue with myself.

Mike White of Tar Heel Mania raises some astute questions in his comment on the last post:

I understand why Davis wants to do this. It makes a good deal of sense. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.

If it’s a close game, though, when do you put Paulus in? At the start of the game like in Miami? If UNC establishes a 2 or three possession lead? Or if Sexton struggles?

Good questions leading to the overarching one: How the heck is he going to work Paulus into the game and under what circumstances?

Davis said Cam Sexton had earned the distinction of starting but if he comes out and leads UNC to a 14-0 lead in two drives can you honestly pull him?  If he comes out plays so-so(like TJ Yates did early in the Rutgers game) do you pull him then and risk destroying the confidence he gained from playing well last week? If Sexton struggles mightily then you have set yourself up to put Paulus in but doesn't the very fact you set yourself up mean you were afraid it might happen?  And as Mike says, if the game is close i.e. Sexton is playing well but UConn hanging in there do you put Paulus in knowing he has played poorly?

Remember when The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named said he would play both Joe Dailey and Cam Sexton in the 2006 opener versus Rutgers then only played Dailey?  It appeared afterwards that The Coach did not know what he was doing with the rotation(which was true) by committing himself to a course of action that was untenable with the eventual game circumstances.

I am starting to feel like Davis has done that to himself here.  Like Mike, I understand the reasons but I am also seeing a bit of a contradiction in the way Yates success was handled and the way Sexton is being handled.  Yates played well against James Madison and the discussion of the QB job being up for grabs disappeared in short order. Not so for Sexton.  And not to compare Sexton to Yates but is there anyone who thinks Yates would have been all that much better?  Sexton was 11-19 for 242 yards and two touchdowns including one in the two minute offense.  Hard to top that in my opinion.  So why is it that such stellar play is not an automatic ticket to being the starter until at least the point where Yates returns or the play on the field dictates otherwise?

Is there something internal between Davis/Shoop and Sexton and/or Paulus that necessitates this level of nuance?  Is Sexton not liked as much by the coaches?  Are they trying to placate Paulus' ego and prevent a potential transfer?

I have no evidence of any, I am just asking wildly speculative questions for fun.