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Final Thoughts on UNC-UM

  • Kudos to the coaching staff for keeping the team in the game mentally and also to John Shoop for some excellent play calling. Granted Cam Sexton has to still make the throws under pressure but that final drive had plenty of plays where all Sexton had to do was make a short pass to one of the big three receivers and allow them to churn yardage with their speed. Mike White at Tar Heel Mania said short passes were the bread and butter last season. Shoop used them again and also managed to get the big pass play as well.
  • Penalties are still an issue. Once again UNC successfully raised an opponent's drive from the dead with a stupid penalty. In this case it was running into the kicker which gave Miami the ball back and the Hurricanes got a field goal out of it to go up 17-7. Had UNC ended up settling for a FG at the end and then lost in OT, that one play would have been the difference between a win and a loss.
  • I talked about the defense at length in the first game analysis but I think you might see another word associated with them: underrated. Is it me or does the defense not get discussed enough?
  • In winning this game part of me is even more upset at the loss to Virginia Tech. Had UNC won last week they would be 4-0 and in full command of the Coastal Division at 2-0.
  • How much do you think the hatred for Butch Davis found among Miami fans increased on Saturtday? Ten fold? One hundred fold?