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Frank Beamer Sticking It To ECU

Remember yesterday when Frank Beamer said UNC would be the best team they have played? Well, apparently he was asked directly about asserting that UNC is the best team on their schedule so far in light of the fact ECU is #15 in the country and the Pirates beat Virginia Tech. Beamer's response?

"I think just from an overall team standpoint, offensively they've got it all," Beamer said. "They've got the big back ... you look at their receivers, their quarterback is playing well, they're very solid up front.

You look at them defensively, every position they're athletic. And I think a lot of East Carolina. [Quarterback Patrick] Pinkney and all those guys, I think a lot of them, but I think this is the best football team."

Well that should piss off Pirate Nation. It take a lot of guts to stand in front of the media and say the unranked team you are about to play is better than the ranked them that beat you three weeks ago. It is possible Beamer is simply evaulating the individual parts and declaring UNC to be more talented at more positions. Or he simply talking up the Heels in the media just like most coaches do before a big game.