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Hearing Duke's Lawyer Talk About How Much They Suck Is Funnier Than Reading About It

850 the Buzz found video of the infamous lawsuit Duke won by telling the judge they suck in football. As you might recall, Louisville sued Duke for canceling a football game with the Cardinals. One problem. The contract stipulated that Duke was liable for damages only if Louisville could not fill the date with a better opponent. The argument Duke made was they were the worst team in D-I football and anyone Louisville could have played would have fulfilled the requirement therefore absolving them of damages. The judge agreed. Here are some nice excepts from a video of the proceedings.

The money quote:

I think the court can absolutely, positively take judicial notice that Duke is probably the worst football team in Division I football. Everybody knows that. That's no secret. The longest losing streak. The inability to ever win games. Everybody knows about it. That's well documented. We certainly don't have to go out and take six months of discovery to establish that for you.

You cannot make this up.