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Interesting Quote

From Heather Dinich at ESPN ACC Blog.

Best case scenario: Florida State and Miami shock both of their respective divisions by making their comebacks earlier than expected. In order for the league to truly be strong again, both of these programs need to climb back to the top.

Translation: The only prayer the ACC has of being great in football is if the football schools like Miami and FSU play like they did 8-10 years ago instead of having these basketball schools such as Wake Forest, North Carolina and whatever Boston College is carrying the load.  There might be merit to that since history has proven those schools can sustain success better than most.  The issue is, Dinich basically implies the ACC will not be truly competitve depending on the contributions of schools with a less prominent tradition in football.  Maybe it is true, maybe not but it would be nice to see it play out and find out instead of declaring that is the case upfront.

This quote also betrays what I think is some pretty obvious bias on Dinich's part.  If you read her blog regularly and by virtue of me running this blog, I do, you can see Dinich favors Miami, FSU, the two Virginia schools, Georgia Tech and Maryland.  And when I say favor I am speaking to the depth of what Dinich writes rather than counting posts.  For example, UNC gets a limited mention on Friday morning for taking Rutgers behind the woodshed yet over the weekend multiple posts were devoted to Maryland-Cal and Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech.  Now one could argue Dinich is playing to her audience based on the idea that fans from the other ACC schools care about football less than the ones I just named(and Clemson). There also merit to the idea these games were simply bigger.

And while those arguments might hold water, you also get the feeling that Dinich has yet to let go of her last job at the Baltimore-Sun.  This might explain why Dinich talks about UVa, Maryland and Virginia so much.  Dinich also loves talking about Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech even attending the first game down there versus Jacksonville St and ignoring the fact NC State was playing a real school in SCAR.  Again, I think the Baltimore-Sun connection has to do with her love for the Yellow Jacket coach since he used to be at Navy in Annapolis, MD.  Perhaps she is using previously cultivated relationships to get good information from those schools and throws in Miami and FSU to cover the basis on traditional powers in football.  Still, I think a good blogger or journalist is charged with covering a conference of 12 schools should be a little more balanced in their coverage otherwise what's the point?

Then again, I am running a UNC blog so maybe I am not the best person to talk about bias.