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Knocking On The Polls' Door

A couple of you have asked how close is UNC to being ranked in the football Top 25 for the first time since, be darned if I know when. Anyway. Here is the breakdown of UNC's position in the two major polls.

AP Poll

UNC received 31 points in the last AP Top 25 Poll.  The Heels started the season with 14 points and dropped to one point during the subsequent two weeks after the near disaster with McNeese State.  The demolishing of Rutgers garnered some looks from the voters pushing the Heels up to #31.  It is interesting to note that Fresno State had 83 points in the preseason poll putting them two spots outside the Top 25. After beating Rutgers 24-7 on the opening weekend Fresno St was moved up to #21.  An interesting dynamic plays out after that.  UNC hands Rutgers an even bigger loss but does not crack the poll yet.  Much of that has to do with the McNeese St. game creating a perception of UNC and the fact people were higher on Rutgers in the preseason thus making Fresno State's win look more impressive.  Fresno was also in striking distance anyway which is to say the voters were looking for a reason to move them up and the road win gave it to them.

Coaches Poll

UNC received 19 points in the last poll ranking them 36th overall.  Incidentally they trail Virginia Tech in this poll by 12 points.  We can hope that is the only time in the next five days UNC trails the Hokies.  By comparison again, Fresno State moved to #21 in this poll as well following the Rutgers win.  UNC received three points in the preseason then lost them as doubts manifested themselves concerning their performance in the McNeese State game.  Confidence was restored somewhat last week.

To answer the question everyone is asking: Yes, if UNC beats Virginia Tech it should garner them a spot in the Top 25, especially given that FSU slipped in there for doing nothing but beating Western Carolina and Chattanooga like a rented drum.