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Odds and Ends: Biggest Game Since 1997 Edition

A little sad in a way, no?

  • Speaking of 1997 or rather the subsequent fall out in the form of Carl Torbush but did anyone see WVU blow it against Colorado last night?  Bill Stewart was promoted to head coach at the behest of the players after Rich Rodirguez left for Michigan because that ALWAYS works out well.  History has held and the Mountaineers are 1-2 so far with the last loss coming by way of exceptionally bad playing calling by the WVU braintrust depite having over two minutes left in a tie game and the ball starting on their own 20.  Why you call two running plays for weak yardage to start that drive is a genuine mystery.  All I can say is any low major coaches should get their resumes polished up because there is a job to be had in Morgantown in 2-3 years.  For Stewart's sake I hope he only gets fired once though.
  • The Wall Street Journal featured Wolfpack Club director Bobby Purcell and discussed how NCSU beats out many prominent schools in money donated to the athletic program.  What do they have to show for it in wins?  Not much.  This brings forth a rather salient point concerning the difference between the overall success of UNC athletics versus the constant mediocrity(or worse) in Raleigh.  Like most things in life, throwing money at a problem alone does not resolve anything.  An organization needs compentent leadership with a vision for success.  As I have stated many times, Dick Baddour struggled mightily with the big hires early on but ultimately those mistakes were erased.  Aside from that his leadership and management of UNC athletics has been above board.  All UNC teams pursue excellence  or someone loses their job.  The general media and marketing operation is one of the best in the country.  The NCSU adminsitration is blind as a bat in this regard and really should clean house to bring in people know what they are doing.  Just another moment of pride that UNC is doing it right from top to bottom.
  • Back to West Virginia for a moment.  The Mountaineers are now 1-2 and look fairly ordinary.  How does this change the perception of ECU?  The Pirates were hailed as big time when they beat VT and the trounced WVU because people thought WVU was a top ten team.  Now ECU struggled to beat Tulane and WVU might have issues making a bowl game now.  Could it be Frank Beamer was spot on in his assertion about UNC being better than ECU?  We will know more tomorrow.  Also, the Big East sucks in ways I am not going to even try to describe.
  • Let me say that should UNC beat Virginia Tech the fan should not storm the field.  Yes it will be a big win but we should really act like we have been here before, because we have, it has just been 11 years.