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The Barth Kicking Dyansty Has Ended

At least for now.

On the heels of a three FG performance against Rutgers, Butch Davis has handed the keys to the kicking game to Jay Wooten. In typical Butch Davis fashion he continued to maintain that these matters are not written in stone and Casey Barth might get another shot at being the starting kicker. Only time will tell on that one.

Where Wooten is concerned, the proof is in the pudding. Barth was given first crack at the job and missed an easy FG versus McNeese State. Wooten on the other hand had ice water in his veins drilling three FGs against the Scarlet Knights, including a 42 yard attempt with tons of pressure. Then there was the matter of the high kickoff to start the 2nd half which frightened and confused the Rutgers return men. The ball hit the ground and took a perfect bounce towards the endzone resulting in Rutgers starting the half on their own one yard line. Granted that was more on the Rutgers special teams but Wooten executed it nonetheless making him the right man for the job going forward.