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THF Odds: Who In the Local Media Will Be The First To Mention "UNC Got Beamered"

UNC plays Virginia Tech this week which means someone in the local media is going to trot out a reference to Frank Beamer screwing Dick Baddour over in 2000 when he verbally agreed to take the UNC job then reneged upon his return to Blacksburg after the Hokies showed him the money. You would have thought Baddour learned a valuable lesson here and that is: Get them to sign the darn contract before letting them go back to their current employer and get all weepy eyed at the sight of money a campus they think of as home. Baddour was a slow learner in this respect since Roy basically did the same thing, though not for money, but because he is sentimental, at times to a fault. Anyway. Per Local Media Rules someone out there is required to waste my time and yours by bringing up the 2000 UNC coaching search which ultimately yielded The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named.

Joe Ovies, 850 the Buzz: EVEN

Joe is the Pot Stirrer In Chief among the local media.  He would not be doing his job and therefore bringing in hits to the 850 blog if he did not toss stuff like this out there to chum the waters.  In short Joe lives for material like this and will use it.  In fact I did not hear his entire show this morning so it is possible he has already accomplished this task.

J.P. Giglio, ACC Now: 2-1

Pretty much the same as above.  Giglio has never backed off from taking a good shot at any of the local fan bases on ACC Now.  Like Ovies, he understands the natures of blogs and mentioning Butch Davis' pay raise at least three times a week is part of chumming the waters so bloggers like me will respond to him, except now I refuse to be baited on the issue.  The Beamering of UNC is the same deal and I am making it a point to not be baited by it beyond this one post.

Caulton Tudor, N&O: 4-1

The question is whether Tudor will spend a whole column on it or just mention it in passing.  Frank Dascenzo of the Durham Herald Sun wasted a column on it last season despite the fact no one really cared.  Tudor is predisposed to do the same thing though it should be noted there is enough happening with this game he might opt for some actual analysis on something that matters.

Ed Hardin, News and Record: 8-1

Not that I will know if he does since he is an Unlinkable.

Doesn't Happen: 1000-1

No, it will happen.  It is like a weed that pops up despite the fact you dumped six gallons of Round Up on the spot.  It is part of the lore surrounding UNC football and is credited for giving birth to the phrase "being beamered"  It is the blunt object we as UNC fans get bludgeoned with at least once a year and there is nothing we can do about it.  Except ignore it and beat Virgnia Tech on Saturday.