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Tudor: Rutgers Offers Opportunity

Or something like that. Tudor takes Rutgers abysmal performance in a home loss to Fresno State as a sign UNC faces better odds than previously thought:

Based on Rutgers’ season-opening performance against Fresno State on Monday, North Carolina’s Sept. 11 trip to New Jersey looks a lot more inviting than almost anyone could have imagined in preseason.

With Ray Rice no longer around to pile up 200 or so yards rushing per game, the Scarlet Knights’ offense was a virtual no-show at home against a underdog team that had to travel cross country.

En route to a 24-7 win, Fresno State dominated throughout and largely because Rutgers simply could not put together two straight productive offensive plays. Knights quarterback Mike Teel threw two interceptions. Kicker San San Te missed both of his field-goal attempts. And although Rice’s replacement, sophomore Kordell Young, wound up with 94 yards rushing, he displayed very little explosiveness.

Not that the Tar Heels were overwhelming in their Saturday win over McNeese State. Far from it, in fact. But unless Rutgers finds some pop, and fast, the challenge for Carolina shouldn’t be nearly as imposing as previously anticipated. The No. 1 defensive priority likely will be a controlling wide receiver Kenny Britt, the Knights’ less versatile version of Brandon Tate.

On the other hand, the Heels need to find a running attack, too. Tate can be a one-man attack force, but there’s no way Carolina can have a breakthrough season unless a breakout tailback emerges.

I'm not buying.  UNC and Rutgers both experienced significant problems on offense Saturday and if anything facing a team on the road who desperately would like to not start the season 0-2 is not the most ideal circumstances.  Especially considering that UNC has not won on the road outside NC since 2002.  In fact I remained less worried about the opposition at this point and more concerned that Butch Davis figures out what is wrong with the offense in genenral.