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UNC Should Host A Thursday Night Game...Oh Wait They Can't

According to Adam Lucas, on-campus logistics prevent UNC from hosting a Thursday night game. Allow me to translate: UNC's general parking for Kenan and access to the stadium makes it impossible to host a football game on a weeknight when you have also have folks on campus for classes.

That really bites.

Lucas astutely points out that the ESPN Thursday Night Game is the college football equivalent of Monday Night Football in the NFL. It is a maximun exposure deal that UNC apparently must always play on the road because the campus setup in Chapel Hill would create one of the worst traffic nightmares since the Great Inch Snowfall of 2005 in Raleigh. It would be nice to host such a game with a full stadium to show UNC can present a rocking game environment in football. Unfortunately that simply is not possible under the current setup.

Which makes showing up in New Jersey and making an big impression even more important.