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Heels choke it away.

UPDATE #7: UNC makes a big play on 3rd and 1 to force the punt.  UNC has it on their own 10 and Mike Paulus will be required to lead the Heels downfield to at least try and tie the game.  How big is the missed Wooten FG in the 1st half now?

UPDATE #6: The Heels defense is tired.  They cannot stop the Hokie run not matter what they do now.

UPDATE #5: Paulus screws up trying to throw a pass where he should not have giving VT the ball on their own three.  Just a stupid mistake worthy of Joe Dailey.

UPDATE #4: UNC stops VT but give up the long FG.  Heels trail for the first time.  With Paulus in, this will be a real test to see if UNC can rally.  I will say I am not really hopeful.  It feels like life has been sucked out of the team.


UPDATE #2: VT exploits the Little fumble for a TD.  Paulus is the man since Yates is out(X-rays negative). And another penalty by UNC pushed the return back to the 10.

UPDATE: UNC got a huge breakway run from Greg Little to go up 17-3.  Virginia Tech mounted a scoring drive for a TD that was helped tremendously by penalties on the Tar Heel defense.  UNC stopped VT on 3rd down twice but squandered it on a penalty, the last one giving VT a first down on a hold which they turned into a score.  On top of that.  TJ Yates is out with an ankle injury.  Mike Paulus is in and Greg Little cancels out his big run with a fumble at his own 30.  Two turnovers each but a ton of penalties on the Heels.

UNC is playing great defense but continually shooting itself in the foot on offense.  Three huge plays:

  • Delay of game on 4th and 1 near the goal line so they settle for a FG.
  • Fumble on inside their own 10 which VT recovered and got a FG.
  • Holding on 4th and 6 with Nick making the 1st down catch.  Heels then had to punt

We have know way of knowing what might have happened from there but you hate to see mistakes like that get made.

On the upside Brooks Foster has reappeared.  John Shoop is taking advantage of all the attention being paid Nicks and Tate to get Foster the ball.  Big play by Brandon Tate gives UNC a halftime lead.

All that is required now is more great defense and UNC to grind some clock with the offense.