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Yates Update

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And that update is, wait until Sunday.

There is probably further evaluation of the ankle going on.  It was reported during the game that X-rays were negative.  Yates looked as though he had a minor limp as he walked off the field.

Concerning Mike Paulus, who will replace Yates if he cannot go at Miami, Davus did say something I think it telling:

"We're going to do what the quarterback can do, and if [Paulus] is the guy next week, we’ll evaluate what he can do effectively and still take advantage of the players we’ve got," Davis said. "Mike’s been here now for a year, obviously no real game experience to speak of. But he understands the offense."

You have to wonder what that means in terms of how the passing game will work.  With Yates, passes go all over the field short and deep with a fair degree of accuracy.  With Paulus less so, and when plays were called for a long pass, it ended up being a badly thrown ball.  I take this comment to mean, the offense will be simplified and more passing in the short to intermediate range will be on tap.