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UNC 83, Georgia Tech 82

Well this isn't going to change Ken Pomeroy's mind.

Georgia Tech sure wasn't playing like the league's worse defensive team tonight. It wasn't even a case of them just bringing their best game of the year - they brought the best game of some other, better team. I had completely forgotten how impressed I use to be with Jeremis Smith, as well. Two years ago he was along with Anthony Morrow, the best thing on a team decimated by players who had left for the NBA, but he faded behind Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton. Now, on a team... decimated by players who have left for the NBA, he's stepped up, leading a front three that outclassed and outrebounded Hansbrough, Thompson and Stepheson for much of the game.

The thing is, watching the game I didn't think UNC was playing that poorly. (I may have been alone in thinking that.) Ellington had a off night from the field, but the team rebounded fairly well, pressured the ball constantly and got more than a few steals and blocks out of it, and didn't panic despite the score. Although come to think of it, there were a couple of ill-advised shots at the very end; nothing Georgetownesque, but less solid than at Clemson a week ago.

So maybe I've been underestimating Georgia Tech this year. Or perhaps I'm overestimating them now in a growing denial over UNC's abilities this year. Wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong - remind me to tell you of my fervent belief that Maryland was going to run roughshod over most of the ACC this year sometime - but I'm now expecting more from the Yellow Jackets going forward, and better play from Carolina in the two home games in the next three weeks. A good showing at Miami would do a better job of restoring my confidence, but small steps first.