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One Bad Weekend

Basketball heartbreak continues from Saturday, as the women's team falls to number one UConn, 82-71 in a game that was much closer than the final score indicates. The Heels were up by eleven in the first half, and had a four point lead with five or so minutes to play, but couldn't keep their advantage in the paint going in the second half, and turned the ball over too many times at the end to get the victory. A lot of that is youth, and the team looks to be a force for the next couple of years.

UNC now has two losses, to undefeated UConn and number two Tennessee, whose only loss is to 7th-ranked Stanford. There's also 4th-ranked Maryland, whose only loss is to 8th-ranked Rutgers, whose two losses are to Stanford and 15th-ranked Duke. What I wouldn't give for that level of scheduling in the men's game.