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ACC Conference-Only Tempo Free Stats

All the teams in the ACC have five or six games under their belts now, so it's a good time to break out the conference-only stats and see how teams stack up against better competition. On the offense side:

The good news is the Tar Heels are absolutely dominating the offensive boards, and contrary to what I was saying yesterday, they're leading the league in turnovers per possession. Duke has ridden its way to the top of the conference on some incredible outside shooting (and as we'll see defense) to the surprise of no one. And I have no idea how Boston College is doing so well on offense with the most abysmal offensive rebounding I've seen in awhile.

On the defensive end, the news isn't as good:

I don't know why UNC is so impressive at rebounding on one end and so average on the other. They're also not generating turnovers like past teams, and are pretty much middle-of-the-road otherwise. With the exception of fouling. UNC just doesn't foul this year.

Now average defense coupled with a strong offense would be fine enough to win the ACC this year, expect that Duke is on a tear. The good news is it's all due to turnovers, UNC's strong point so far. The bad news is the Duke games will be pretty much the entire ACC season at this rate.

Oh, and it's really easy to score on the Wolfpack so far this season.

Here's the efficiency margins, if you need more evidence it's a two-team race for the ACC crown: