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Number One Meets Number 155

Ken Pomeroy doesn't think UNC is the best team in the country. I don't know who he thinks is (If not Memphis, presumably Kansas) but he's probably underestimating Clemson. Nor is N.C. State the worst team in the ACC, as long as Georgia Tech is still chugging along with their horrible defense and near-.500 record.

Tonight's game won't do much to bolster UNC's case one way or the other, with most of the attention in what should be an easy win for the Heels being directed at the freakishly large Bulldog center. George only played seven minutes in last year's rout, but is apparently much improved - he's third in the nation in defensive rebounding and blocks almost 1 out of every 4 shots taken inside the arc when he's on the court.

I'm more interested in who's running the point when Ty Lawson's not in the game myself. Quentin Thomas was less than impressive on Sunday, and this is one of those opponents where UNC might feel comfortable trying different lineups in anticipation of the conference season. Look to see more Marcus Ginyard and maybe even Marc Campbell handle the ball.