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Quick Miscellaneous Notre Dame Thoughts

  • I've been to two home games this season - Notre Dame and Virginia Tech - and both opponents are known for the large traveling fan bases. My obeservation The average Notre Dame fan could afford a better ticket than the average Virginia Tech fan, and sat lower in the bowl. Also, the guy at the end of my row sold his tickets both times.
  • The next tailgate over from mine included numerous members of the Theismann family, who were very pleasant when we apologized for a dick UNC fan taking their flag.
  • I'm not sure why He's Not is bringing in a band every Saturday night. They're one of two bars anyone who graduated from Chapel over ten years ago would recognize, not to mention where I'm guaranteed to run nto folks I haven't seen in that long. They'd be packed regardless.
  • A rumor I heard at the game - in addition to the navy pants, the team also had navy jerseys made. With three home games remaining, I wonder if we'll see them. N.C. State is right out, but BC or Georgia Tech, much bigger games that they are, may be the right time.
  • I don't think a single Notre Dame blog I read all week realized Tar Heel was two words. I'm not sure why that is, but good luck to the Fightingirish the rest of the way out. (With Rutgers' stock plummeting, the Heels need it.)