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Opportunity Lost

There's not much to dwell on in regards to last week's game. The offense wasn't clicking, and the endgame bend-but-don't-break defense that held on against Miami and Notre Dame finally, well, broke. It was very reminiscent of many of the games of last year's squad, and so can't come as a complete surprise, but still.

It doesn't help that the loss came the same weekend that the other two ranked and undefeated in conference teams lost. Wake and VaTech join UNC in dropping out of the polls, replaced by two or three other ACC teams with almost identical resumes; the Heels had a chance to pull even with the Hokies and away from the rest of the division and failed to do so.

As for the forty-seven seconds of inactivity, as long as it doesn't weigh on Sexton's mind, (would Yates have gotten the same vote of no confidence?) I can't find too much fault with it. It's a different game if Carolina keeps their timeouts, or Bruce Carter's hand goes an inch or so higher. Nothing to do but reload for next week.

Here's a heartening thought, though. There's a good chance four of this weeks' ACC winners turn around and lose next week, and four of the losers come up on top. (Someone will win between Georgia Tech and Virginia, but look at that schedule and tell me everybody else won't end up on the wrong end of fortune come Saturday.)