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UNC 45, Boston College 24

All your pass are belong to us.

Trimane Goddard had one interception (his 5th of the year, and 10th of his career)  and Kendric Burney had two (3rd on the season, 4th overall), Hakeem Nicks had four touchdowns, and what else do you need to know? That's pretty much how UNC wins football games nowadays, and they did it fine style.

After a scary start, where Cam Sexton lost the ball to a pash rush on the second play of scrimmage to put the Eagles up 10-0, Carolina's defense posted three straight three-and-outs before beginning the interception party, giving the offense short fields for three scoring drives and then the lead. And when BC struck back to tie with 54 seconds left in the half, Sexton drove the team downfield with three passes to wrench the lead back - Carolina never trailed again, and the Eagles wouldn't score until the garbage time of the fourth quarter.

It was exactly the sort of game that last year's team never would have seriously contested, burnt out by the early struggles. There have been a couple of games like this over the course of this season, and I'm still slightly amazed every time the Heels overcome slow starts, although I shouldn't me. This is a good team, bowl eligible for the first time in four years, and that with the losses the two Tech's suffered this week is fully poised to win the Coastal Division, a game behind flaky Virginia and mired amongst five teams with two conference losses. Put that with one of the easiest schedules the rest of the way out, and Tampa is a distinct possibility.