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Turnovers and Tech

Matt Hinton points us to this article on Georgia Tech's fumble woes:

After two more fumbles against Virginia, Tech has 26 for the season. That’s most in the ACC by eight. N.C. State has 18 fumbles. The Jackets have lost 14 of them, which is also most in the league and tie for second most in Division I-A with Wyoming.

That's putting the ball on the ground over three times a game. Alas, the loose ball isn't UNC's preferred method of stopping their opponent. While the Heels' defense has 17 interceptions, they've only forced six fumbles and recovered four. And they'll have to - Georgia Tech gains twice as many yards on the ground as through the air, in no small way because they run over three times the rushing plays.

One more thing about interceptions. Georgia Tech has the only player in the conference with more grabs than Trimane Goddard - Morgan Burnett, who nabbed six. The Yellow Jackets as a team have fourteen interceptions to their name.