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I Believe You've Met Mr. Nicks?

So it turns out Notre Dame also has a receiver/kick returner with the last name Tate, and he's pretty good as well. Fellow SBNationite Rakes of Mallow compares the two, and Brandon Tate comes out on top thanks in part to Davis's willingness to use him more in non-traditional receiving roles. I do have to take issue with this, though:

...and Brandon doesn't have St. Michael Money Flow Fight Jet Floyd on the other side of the field to distract whoever happens to be playing quarterback. 

Michael Floyd is Notre Dame's freshman receiver, whose managed 333 yards on 21 receptions and scored three touchdowns, and it's true, Cam Sexton will not be distracted by him on Saturday. No, the guy lining up opposite Tate in Carolina Blue has only managed 412 yards on 24 catches with four touchdowns. You may remember him:

Being forced to settle for performances like that - whatever will the Heels do?