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ACC Football Week #7: Preview

Where did all the games go?

I am not sure I have seen a week in the middle of the season where half the conference teams were on bye.  That is the case this week with Wake Forest-Clemson being the big matchup in terms of shaking out the Atlantic Division and quite possibly the furture career of Tommy Bowden.  UNC hosts Notre Dame in the only game that matters on Saturday because Miami and Georgia Tech will likely roll Gardner-Webb and Central Florida respectively while Virginia wakes up from what ever extended fantasy they were living last week to lost in Greenville.  That is unless East Carolina has failed to put the wheels back on their wagon.

The Wake-Clemson game will provide the most drama mainly because it has the most riding on it.  Tommy Bowden is perhaps in the most precarious position he has even been in.  Clemson was favored to win the ACC but after being humiliated by Alabama and then inexplicably failing to exit the locker room for the 2nd half against Maryland, the Tigers are in danger of becoming a laughingstock for the 2008 season.  A second Atlantic Division loss would most certainly end their hopes of making the title game and hand Wake temporary control of the division with two wins over the Bowden family. Bowden is looking out over the precipice at this point and I don't care how big the buyout allegedly is, if Bowden fails to deliver even the division in a season he was supposed to have the team, I cannot imagine Clemson hanging on to him without risking a full blown fan rebellion.

UNC is playing for a name recognition win though Notre Dame is 4-1 and beating another team with a winning record only helps the cause.  Should UNC win I am certain someone will be along to tell us how bad Notre Dame is this season and the win is worth as much as WaMu stock or detail the number of ways UNC making winning plays was actually Notre Dame screwing up.

On with the predictions:

Wake Forest 23 Clemson 17
UNC 31 Notre Dame 20
Georgia Tech 44 Gardner-Webb 10
Miami 28 Central Florida 25
ECU 18 UVa 13

Record Last Week: 4-2
Record This Season: 36-16