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ACC Football Week #8: Preview

Now with 60% more ACC games!

Well go for the full slate of ACC games this week. Everyone is in action and playing someone from the league which can only mean Ron Cherry is all set to screw somebody over before the weekend is out.

FSU at NC State

The Return of Chuck Amato to the house he built with dreams of national titles and an annoying squeaky voice.  Sometimes you wonder if people gave money just so he would stop talking.  Also, if you watch this game tonight on ESPN be prepared for no less than 30 mentions of Amato being formerly employed in Raleigh along with camera shots.  As for the game, FSU should win though the Wolfpack has begun to exorcise some of the injury demons which apparently they directed west to Chapel Hill.  Other than all the side stories does the football really stand to be all that interesting?  Probably not.

FSU 20 NCSU 10

#21 Wake Forest at Maryland

Which Maryland shows up?  Do we get world beater Maryland who knocked off Cal and Clemson? Or do we got I-AA eqivalent Maryland who lost 31-0 to UVa and fell to Middle Tennessee.  There is no way of knowing but I do know if Wake Forest wins this game they will probably win the Atlantic Division.  Going 3-0 with all those wins versus your division means Wake is in very good shape.  The only catch will be FSU is they managed to finish 7-1 and Wake somehow loses twice.  It is possible but I do not think likely.

Wake 21 Maryland 14

Georgia Tech at Clemson

These two usually provide entertaining football.  The side story for this one is a Clemson team, playing without fired Tommy Bowden trying to win for the interim guy who himself is trying to make a case to be the next Carl Torbush.  Georgia Tech is coming off playing like a JV squad versus Gardner-Webb last week which should mean a higher level of play this week but one can never tell with these new fangled offense.  So do you go with torrent of player emotion or Georgia Tech's offensive wackiness as the deciding factor?  We will go with torrent of player emotion, mainly because it would be nice to have GT with two losses for Coastal Division purposes.

Clemson 30 GT 17

Miami at Duke

The Duke Football Reality Tour continues with a visit from Miami to Durham.  The Blue Devils are quite possibly looking at running the table in the wrong direction to close the season and that does David Cutcliffe zero good since he'd probably want to look decent for when Phil Fulmer gets tossed in Knoxville at the end of the season.  Yeah, if other people can point to half the jobs in college football and say Butch Davis is going to leave I can certainly offer the same service where Duke is concerned.  Duke Football: Jumpstarting SEC Coaching Careers Since 1989.

Miami 35 Duke 13

#17 Virginia Tech at Boston College

This is one of those good ol' Big East days games which I cannot imagine any of us caring about under normal circumstances but UNC's now relevant football world, VT getting dinged with a loss her would be highly beneficial.  Probably won't happen see than Tyrod Taylor has gotten a clue where the passing game is concerned and I doubt Steve Logan's offense is doing much against the Hokies.

VT 28 BC 12

#18 UNC at Virginia

This is the year we break the streak.  Who is with me?

UNC 24 UVa 20

Record Last Week: 4-1
Record This Season: 40-17