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ACC Football Week #8: Review

Questions and thoughts

1. Did anyone think Georgia Tech and Boston College would be sitting there with one loss apiece at this point in the season? Probably not.

2. Is Riley Skinner possibly the most overrated QB in the conference?  Wake's offense averaging eight points per game in ACC play says yes.

3. It was the good Maryland this week.  Here is hoping for the bad Maryland on November 15th.

4. Virginia Tech was bound to drop one.  As long as they don't drop another one they should be fine.

5. Florida State is quietly hanging around in that dangerous sort of way.

6. Al Groh is feeling the warmth of job security which is much nicer than the warmth of the hot seat.

7. UNC once again is looking at losses by slim margins and dreams of what could have been.

8. Duke has returned to form.

9. Miami is just there.

10. NC State and Clemson seem destined for obscurity this season.

Record This Week: 2-4
Record This Season: 42-21