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ACC Football Week #9: Preview

For UNC only three games matter.

Per the previous post on what needs to happen for UNC to win the Coastal Division here are you teams to pull for this week:

Georgia Tech
Florida State

The Heels can draw back even in the loss with the two Virginia schools should the Heels beat Boston College, VT lose to FSU and UVa lose to Georgia Tech.  I think the chances of all three happening are good.  UNC still needs to run the table but at least if both Commonwealth school lose this weekend it cuts down on the help UNC needs the rest of the way.

In the Atlantic Division, Wake Forest will try and find something resembling an offense against Miami.  The Deacs were driving the Atlantic Division bus until last week when Good Maryland showed up to shut them out.  Now Maryland can take the wheel if they knock off NC State which should happen unless Bad Maryland makes an appearance then all bets are off.  Duke plays a non-conference game and continues their slide into normalcy at Vanderbilt.


UNC 26 BC 19
GT 30 UVa 20
FSU 21 VT 18
Maryland 37 NCSU 0
Wake 12 Miami 10
Vanderbilt 35 Duke 22

Record Last Week: 2-4
Record This Season: 42-21